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The Zulu Wars - part 2

60 second histories

This video covers:  An introduction to the invasion of Zululand by the British and the terrible massacre at the battle of Isandlwana 

The Zulus didn’t invade South Africa; it was, in fact, the British who invaded Zululand. British officials in South Africa had threatened the Zulus saying that if they didn’t do as the British wanted there would be trouble. The Zulus failed to understand the intentions of the British, in a way they trusted us. When the British Army invaded on the twenty second of January eighteen seventy-nine over one thousand, three hundred British and colonial troops were massacred at the battle of Isandlwana. The battle was reported in the newspapers in England as a terrible defeat for the British and the country was in uproar, so more soldiers were sent to Africa and eventually the Zulus were defeated. But reporters began to ask the question as to why we were fighting the Zulus in the first place, and when the truth finally emerged there was a big scandal. The Generals involved in the war would never serve in a senior post again and Sir Bartle Frere was relegated to serve in minor positions. And Zululand? Well, it became part of the British Empire.
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Zulu Wars
Red-coat soldier - Zulu Wars
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