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Medicine Through Time

60 second histories

Recreating the operation to remove the arrowhead from the Black Prince using the Bradmore screw.

This fascinating presentation will have students riveted as we begin our story with Galen.  We explore how he learned his craft and compare his knowledge with that of the medieval surgeon John Bradmore to recreate the dramatic operation that was performed on the Prince of Wales (who later became Henry V) to remove the arrowhead from his face. 

We also investigate medicine through the Tudor and Rennaisance periods; we cover Pare, William Harvey and we examine the pustules of the Plague before finally moving onto slightly more modern history with John Snow.

Kevin delivers Medicine through Time, not in costume, but as himself, merging the past with the present drawing on his own experiences as a soldier, police officer and deputy coroner's officer.

Equipment & Weapons
Plague Mask
Bradmore screw
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