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Case Study: 60 Second Histories; a safe go-to ...

60 second histories
by: Squaducation date: 11 Mar 2016


“60 Second Histories is a safe, go-to resource for media clips, as the accessible bank of characters negates the need to spend time searching the Internet.”


By David Whineray, Subject Leader History, Hounsdown School


Kevin has been bringing history to life for our students for four years, and has become such a hit with the students that they eagerly anticipate his visits; he visits Years 7-10 each year with a different character from the History Squad, and has even joined us twice on our GCSE trips to Berlin as our expert guide. With his unique delivery, expert knowledge, and enthralling life experience, Kevin embellishes our History curriculum in a way that we teachers cannot, so needless to say we relish the opportunity to use him more regularly as part of our lessons.


Kevin’s Sixty Second Histories are perfect additions to our lessons, where we use him as a knowledgeable and familiar expert. The clips are sufficiently short that they can be spliced seamlessly into our lesson resources, but with enough detail to make them useful and informative. More importantly, the growing range of characters and periods that Kevin provides makes them handy for both Key Stage 3 and GCSE, and he has sought our advice about which new topics to include for the new GCSE syllabus in 2016, so our older students can continue to benefit from a his inimitable style.


The History Squad has undoubtedly enriched the history education of over a thousand students in our school alone, and the fact that Kevin is able to take part in our everyday lessons via the power of his 60 Second Histories is wonderful, and well worth the annual subscription. Sixty Second Histories is a safe, go-to resource for media clips, as the accessible bank of characters negates the need to spend time searching the Internet. I am really looking forward to seeing more characters added in the near future, especially as we have the challenging opportunity of planning new schemes of work for GCSE. I would highly recommend that other History departments take advantage of Sixty Second Histories.



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