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My EPIC Era 2016 - The Results Are In

60 second histories
by: Squaducation date: 09 Nov 2016



In January 2016, Squaducation announced a new competition for schools, My EPIC ERA. Launched as a national history based competition, its aim was to enthuse children and help them create and develop a passion for history.

And it did exactly that!

By the end of May a mass of EPIC entries were in, and our panel of four judges, Dame Alison Peacock, Matthew Howorth, Kevin Hicks and Russel Tarr announced the winners.

Big EPIC fanfare!

We are delighted to announce the release of six new 60 second histories films created by the winners of Wycliffe School in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire. The release of the films will coincide with Remembrance Day, and are based on two boys from the school who met, grew up and later fought in the Great War. They are EPIC films and we are proud to have worked on them with the school.

Even bigger EPIC fanfare!

In January 2017 the My EPIC ERA competition will be launched again and we hope to make it even bigger and better. It’s a tough act to follow. Visit our website for more details



First prize winner:

Name of School:                      Wycliffe Preparatory School

Pupil entry by:                         Brendan Ind (aged 12)

Entry entitled:                          Two School Boys and the Great War.

This entry was a clear favourite amongst all our judges – Matthew Howorth commented it was a “very moving and powerful piece of writing.” 

Over the summer, Brendan Ind and his classmate Ben Matthews worked with the 60 second histories team to write, direct and star in their very own series of 60 second history films based on their entry.  The films the boys created are now available as a ‘FREE to view’ resource that can be used by schools throughout the country and inspire more young people to dig deeper into history.   To watch the films go to

Brendan’s teacher, Steve Arman quotes:

“As a teacher, I wanted the pupils to research, interpret and write 'the lost story' of Old Wycliffians from our school, who fought in WW1. Winning the competition has, without doubt,  brought their stories completely to life. Making these '60 second' history films, will be a memory they will never forget and as a result will hopefully enthuse them to see the personal stories of people from the past, who have lived through a diverse set of historical events and social settings.  We love the films we’ve created, they’re so professionally done.  Thank you so much for all the amazing effort you made in making them.  We all learnt so much through doing this.”


Second prize winner:

Name of school:                      Fleetville Junior School

Pupil entry by:                         Holly Budgen (aged 9)

Entry entitled:                          Rome & Verulamium - Circa AD47.

The judges were thoroughly impressed on the high standard of this video entry and commented “A very impressive use of costumes and backdrops, with a well-written narrative to accompany it”

Holly won a half-day history workshop for her school; her love of history clearly shone through.

Holly’s teacher, Mrs McDonald quotes:  “Entering the EPIC Era competition allowed Holly to deepen her understanding of the Roman topic we had been studying in school, to apply her knowledge and to make links across the curriculum. It was a wonderful opportunity for her to show her creative flair. Furthermore, the experience increased her self esteem and winning the workshop for her class was a wonderful opportunity for her to give something back to her class community.     I would heartily recommend the competition to others.”



My EPIC Era 2017 will once again invite schools, classes and pupils to choose their favourite era and topic in history and tell us about it in the most interesting way they can.  They can write it, sing it, draw it, create it or even film it; whatever works best for them. The competition will be open for entries from 4th January until the 31 March 2017.

The winning entry will work with our professional team to have their EPIC era made into a 60 second history film. The winner will help write, direct and even star in the films, which will then be shared on the 60 second histories’ website for all schools to use.

Entry will be online at



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